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Find answers to some frequently asked questions!

How Does OrderStream Work?

The custom-made OrderStream WebApps work in an easy and customer-friendly way. The customer simply scans the unique QR-code, picks the menu items they want, pays on the WebApp, and enjoys the meal!

On the restaurant’s end, you get access to a dashboard which allows you to manage the orders and track POS data and analytics.

Do We Get Our Own App?

You get your own custom-built WebApp which is designed according to your branding and style. The WebApp is triggered by a QR-code which is unique to your business.

How Much Does It Cost?

We have developed a simplistic cost structure designed to suit the needs of our varying food and drink partners.

Custom Platform Fee

£49.99 pcm

Transaction Fee

2.3% + 0.20p

All transactions go through the platform. No extra card charges.

How Do Our Customers Pay?

After selecting menu items, customers will be led to make a payment on the WebApp. Customers can pay via any major Credit and Debit cards. As all the orders are pre-paid before preparation, the risk of bad payments and “dine and dash” is eliminated.

What Happens When A Customer Places An Order?

When a customer places an order, the order information will come through to your back end dashboard on your chosen device. Your dashboard allows you to manage orders and examine the POS analytics of your restaurant.

We Have More Than One Location. Do We Qualify?

Absolutely! We can build you identical WebApps for each of your locations. If you have different menus in different locations we can incorporate these in the WebApps.